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Our award winning visualisers have 85% more usable space than a conventional solution meaning more opportunities to display products without compromising the experience.

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The 360 Visualiser is a critical business tool that drives customer enquiries through to our sales team.

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Wren Kitchens

Award winning quality

Our Pano Visualisers have been rewarded for their superior quality and technical excellence.

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Photorealistic visuals

Realism is very important when asking consumers to make a purchasing decision about a product and our visualisers are the most realistic available on the market today.

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Generate unlimited content

Using the custom URL strings it is possible to create additional content and links throughout your site.

From the latest trends to recreating popular configurations this feature offers endless options.

Suitable for use in a huge amount of markets
in the homes sector

Our configurators are fast and accessible to anyome looking to promote their products within a space or room.


Any part of the kitchen can be configured, from appliances to taps and handles, all in a glorious 360-degree view.


Our bedroom configurators use a 3D space with options to change the size of the wardrobes as well as the finishes.


Swap out toilets, sinks and baths, then configure the interior finishes so customers can imagine themselves in the space.

Living Room furniture

Choose from different architectural styles then place or swap furniture in the space.

Fixtures & fixings

Handles, switches and sockets can all be added to a scene for a much more detailed customer experience.


Taking advantage of the 360-degree, view where all surfaces can be tiled to give customers a better perspective of your product range.


Being able to look down at a flooring option and compare it to the walls and furniture is a massive advantage when selecting the right interior finishes.

Paint & wallpaper

Our configuration tools can utilise the 360-degree space to mix and match paint colours and wallpaper choices, colour calibrated and presented in beautifully photorealistic images.

Hard lanscaping

Exterior spaces also lend themselves well to 360-degree configuration and all mixing of surface with different types of outdoor settings.

Choose from Stock or Custom scenes

Visualisers no longer mean a large initial cost to get going, our stock sets offer the same quality but with a shared room set.

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Why use a Pano Visualiser?

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85% More usable space than our competitors

Fast & Photoreal

Fast & Photoreal

Consumers expect interactive tools to work well and look realistic, and ours do both extremely well. Whether you are in Europe or the USA you can expect rapid loading times



Each configurator is build to work effectively on any device and any browser meaning that you don’t have to exclude anyone.



By pre-rendering each layer our visualisers provide 99.99% uptime and compatibility with all systems and browsers.

Custom API

Custom API

By using the API it is possible to make many customisations and add functions as well as integrations with your existing web features.

Feature comparison

There is a solution for every budget. Our stock sets give you quality and advanced features for a greatly reduced cost.

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Additional £

85% more space for product placement
Compatible with all browsers
Fast, Photorealistic & works on all devices
Save design, Analytics & CMS
Pre loaded with 1000s of worktops, doors, colours, taps, sinks, floors and appliances
Trends presets

Additional £

Produced and live in less than 4 weeks
Inexpensive to produce
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The stock sets come loaded with all the most popular options.

Choose to add more or turn off options that are not required using the CMS.

Trend Presets

Trend Presets

Customers can choose from existing configurators curated by our styling team.

Pre-loaded with 1000s of assets

Pre-loaded with 1000s of assets

We have selected the most popular options for each category saving both money and time during setup.

Quick to produce

Quick to produce

We can usually have our stock visualisers up and running on your site in less than 5 days.

Easy to update

Easy to update

Each visualiser is connected to our CMS which allows quick and easy editing and updating product information.


Home interior customers use our products annually

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