Increase your leads by up to 18%

Inspire confidence in your customers’ decision-making process using our AI-powered interactive visualiser tools. Help them bridge the gap between imagination and concept - creating a seamless customer experience that delivers leads.

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Trusted by Industry leading brands around the world

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Build trust and demonstrate your expertise using our award-winning visualisers

Major brands around the world use our visualisers to create an immersive online experience for their customers - delivering an engaging journey that enhances the online shopping experience and drives sales.

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Brands that use Onfigr see an increase in leads of up to 18% within the first 6 months.

Use our AI powered tools to deliver a more engaging shopping experience.

Fast & Photoreal

Fast & Photoreal

Consumers expect interactive tools to work well and look realistic, and ours do both extremely well. Whether you are in Europe or the USA you can expect rapid loading times



Each configurator is build to work effectively on any device and any browser meaning that you don’t have to exclude anyone.



By pre-rendering each layer our visualisers provide 99.99% uptime and compatibility with all systems and browsers.

Custom API

Custom API

By using the API it is possible to make many customisations and add functions as well as integrations with your existing web features.


Home interior customers use our products annually

The Onfigr platform

All products come with access to these critical business tools

save design

Drive sales leads

Keep your customers engaged and your lead calls relevant.

Our tools are built to keep your customers engaged by allowing them to pick up their journey by saving their design and sending it, by email, to themselves to keep.

As well as customers receiving their designs, you can also receive a copy - making sure you are well informed about your customer’s buying intentions, allowing you to offer exceptional customer service every time.

content management

Content management

Review and adapt your platform with easy-to-use built-in content management tools.

Keep on top of your product inventory and make changes quickly to keep on top of changing trends and customer expectations.


Track popular products and customer engagement

Detailed analytics allows you to track key business data on how well your products are performing.

Your dashboard is set up to present you with clear, accurate data in real time - providing you with the insights you need to take action.

Ideal for use in a huge amount of markets in the home retail sector and beyond

Our configurators are fast and accessible to anyone looking to promote their products within a space or room.


Any part of the kitchen can be configured, from appliances to taps and handles, all in a glorious 360-degree view.


Our bedroom configurators use a 3D space with options to change the size of the wardrobes as well as the finishes.


Swap out toilets, sinks and baths, then configure the interior finishes so customers can imagine themselves in the space.

Living Room furniture

Choose from different architectural styles then place or swap furniture in the space.

Fixtures & fixings

Handles, switches and sockets can all be added to a scene for a much more detailed customer experience.


Taking advantage of the 360-degree, view where all surfaces can be tiled to give customers a better perspective of your product range.


Being able to look down at a flooring option and compare it to the walls and furniture is a massive advantage when selecting the right interior finishes.

Paint & wallpaper

Our configuration tools can utilise the 360-degree space to mix and match paint colours and wallpaper choices, colour calibrated and presented in beautifully photorealistic images.

Hard lanscaping

Exterior spaces also lend themselves well to 360-degree configuration and all mixing of surface with different types of outdoor settings.