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Award winning KBB Visualisers

The new standard of photo realistic visualisers for the home interiors industry

Onfigr bathroom visualiser being used on an iPad tablet device

Onfigr, award-winning 360° visualiser developed by Pikcells.

The new standard of photo realistic visualisers for the home interiors industry.


Award-winning CGI and Software Development Company Pikcells.com, continue to bring the industry’s best products and spaces to life with Onfigr, a new standard of photorealistic 360° and 3D visualisers for customers within the KBB, home interiors and property development sector.

Making it faster and easier to quote for new projects, Onfigr was developed to bridge the gap in the marketplace for photorealistic visualisers that truly reflect the original concepts of the interior design community. Offering a comprehensive range of core features, Onfigr is designed to assist with sales performance, analytics, and content management so you can deliver the concept phase with even more accuracy.

Craig Rothwell, Business Development Director at Onfigr says, “We live in an increasingly visual age and so it has become a huge challenge for the interior design industry to sell a ‘lifestyle’ complete with high-quality products using low-quality visuals. If we consider the retail space, then huge importance is placed on the staging and styling of product displays in order to create an elevated user experience. By having the support of a 3D design space that resides online, means you’re in a much better position to serve each customer before they even step into your showroom.

Our research shows that consumers are up to 10 times more likely to use a configurator than planning software"

Steve Mooney, Sales Director


As personalisation remains the backbone of the KBB industry and wider middle market, we are finding that more consumers are demanding a higher degree of visual product presentation. In fact, our research states that people are 10 times more likely to use a visualiser over a complicated planning tool and this is echoed in the latest survey from McKinsey, which reports that 71% expect companies to deliver personalised interactions and those that don’t, frustrate up to 76% of new customers.”

Promising to inspire clients, drive sales, and monitor performance, Onfigr will help you to convert customer design enquiries into bankable sales orders. Suitable for anyone looking to style an interior space, Onfigr room categories include Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Room Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings, Tiling, Flooring, Paint & Wallpaper, and Hard Landscaping.

Onfigr doesn’t limit your ability to consider every aspect of a customer’s project brief either, as the specially designed pano-visualiser offers 85% more screen space when compared to market competitors, which typically offer just 15% display as pictured below:


Delivering an affordable range of 3D visual design tools, Onfigr has two custom packages to engage and attract new customers;

  1. Onfigr Standard, which offers up to 1 million visuals per month
  2. Onfigr Enterprise, offering 1 million plus visuals per month.

All users need to do is follow the simple screen prompts to create and save a concept design which you can then modify, refer to and ultimately approve with your client as needed.


Core features include lightning fast 360° configuration, custom UI design and branding, photorealistic visuals, trend presets, a call to action where you can save designs, fully responsive and compatibility on all devices and browsers, analytics & more!

In fact, Onfigr has fast become the system of choice for anyone wanting a photorealistic visualiser that provides comprehensive content management features and 100% uptime. With offices based in the UK & USA, Onfigr is trusted around the world and has become integral to many leading brands like Wren Kitchens, BA Components, Omega, Crystal Doors, Toll Brothers and Masterbrand Cabinets.

Richard Benson, Co-Founder of Onfigr adds “We believe that sustainable product delivery is essential and if we can accelerate the design process from initial enquiry right through to concept and completion, you will be able to streamline your customers journey at every stage. By preselecting options and creating an interactive and collaborative design process, you’ll also be appealing to next gen consumers who are known to enjoy a more gamified buying experience. Given the latest reports say that the UK construction and design software market is projected to grow by 3.90% in 2023-2028, we want to make sure we’re offering the best and most complete set of visual design tools available on the market.”

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